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We are a leading manufacturer of quality internal and external lighting products for commercial, industrial and retail applications.

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Aintree Racecourse’s Golden Miller & Papillon Suites

Aintree Racecourse is home to the iconic Grand National, standing as a beacon of sporting excellence and entertainment.

In collaboration with Mark Mackin and The Jockey Club Team, Ansell Lighting embarked on an ambitious project to elevate the lighting infrastructure within the esteemed Golden Miller and Papillon Suites, where the objective was to transition the existing lighting installation from that of outdated halogen lighting to an energy-efficient LED solution whilst enhancing the lighting quality and its flexibility through the integration of a Smart OCTO Control system.

It was considered that the existing lighting setup presented significant challenges in moving forward, in its use of outdated halogen fixtures, in using triple AR111 Halogen Rectangular fittings consuming a massive 225Watts of electrical power each, alongside the Twin 26Watt Compact Fluorescent Downlights, which posed compliance issues with evolving Energy related Product Regulations (ErP). Addressing these challenges necessitated a comprehensive overhaul to the installation in not only aiming to reduce energy consumption, but also future proof the lighting solution within the suites against future regulatory changes.

Ansell Lighting introduced a holistic solution tailored to meet the unique needs of the Golden Miller and Papillon Suites, with a retrofitting process, which commenced with the replacement of the current circular downlights. The versatile Ansell Comfort Evo was specified, being an economic high performance CCT selectable IP44 downlight with suitability for numerous commercial and healthcare applications. The range encompasses an intelligent and eco-friendly 3 part design, allowing the end user a choice of either black or white reflector as well as the addition of trim accessories, which offers great customisation and product upgradability.

The luminaires incorporate a polycarbonate housing with unique thermal management for durability and enhanced lifespan, alongside a reflector with either a white or black trim, incorporating a deep cut-off beam angle of 80° for optimum glare control and comfort, in addition to the option of switchable CCT between 3000K and 4000K, and two different power selectable outputs within a single luminaire.

Various analogue and digital dimmable options are available, as well as standard Maintained/Non-Maintained Emergency and Self-Test Emergency using the Hawk Kit Emergency Pack. An Anti-Ligature Kit accessory is available for secure environment installations, such as within those healthcare and educational facilities. The downlight design allows fixing into an existing hole cut-out of 210mm. Having an operating temperature range of -20°C to25°C, with a CRI of 80, an ingress protection rating of IP44 and a lifetime to L80 of 60,000 hours.

The other specified luminaire was the cutting-edge Ansell Unity Square retractable head recessed adjustable architectural downlight, as an ideal replacement to the existing AR111 fittings, as these fittings seamlessly integrated into existing frames, delivering a superior lighting performance, whilst reducing energy consumption from 225W to a mere 74W per fitting providing suitability for commercial, hospitality and retail applications.

The fitting is manufactured with a steel housing and die-cast aluminium body for excellent thermal management, with a remote driver with a plug and play connection and incorporates a 360° head rotation and 90° inclination tilt capability. A black trim provides excellent glare control. Digital Dimmable options, powered by Tridonic are available across the range. Having an operating temperature range of -20°C to25°C, with a high CRI of 90, and a lifetime to L70 of 50,000 hours.

Central to the success of the project at Aintree Racecourse was the incorporation of the Ansell Smart OCTO control system, elevating lighting management to an unprecedented level of efficiency and adaptability.

With the inclusion of OCTO, this optimum solution incorporates customized lighting settings based upon the client’s specific requirements, and through the intuitive app-based scene setting, the user will gain the ability to effortlessly adjust individual fittings or entire groups of fittings, thereby tailoring lighting to suit the various diverse events and occasions.

The commissioning process saw the creation of bespoke scenes catering to various activities, including race days, conferences, examinations, and private functions. Additionally, the integration of the AOCTO/BT/WS module empowered users with direct control via kinetic wall switches, offering seamless accessibility and manual override options for personalized lighting adjustments.

The benefits gained from the project upgrade at the Golden Miller and Papillon Suites heralded a new era of lighting excellence at Aintree Racecourse.

Beyond significant energy savings achieved through advanced LED technology and associated intelligent lighting control, the client witnessed a marked improvement in lighting quality and versatility. The implementation of Smart OCTO controls, not only enhanced user experience but also positioned the suites as adaptable spaces capable of meeting diverse event requirements, and by embracing energy-efficient solutions and future-proofing measures, Aintree Racecourse demonstrated its commitment to sustainability and innovation in venue management.

In concluding, the collaboration between Ansell Lighting and Aintree Racecourse client fulfilled a transformative upgrade in respect of the projects for the Golden Miller and Papillon Suites, marking a significant milestone in lighting innovation and sustainability within this sporting and entertainment establishment. Through the seamless integration of LED technology and Smart OCTO controls, the project not only addressed energy efficiency concerns but also elevated the overall lighting experience, ensuring enhanced flexibility and adaptability for many years to come.

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