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At Ansell Lighting we design and manufacture an extensive range of luminaires for a diverse number of applications. Whatever the shape, purpose or style of your space, we have a lighting solution.

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We are a leading manufacturer of quality internal and external lighting products for commercial, industrial and retail applications.

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Bassadone Auto World

Unrivalled customer experience. Made possible by Ansell Lighting.


Bassadone Motors is the manufacturer appointed distributor in Gibraltar for a number of major European and Far Eastern brands, that of KIA, VW, Honda, Renault, Dacia, Suzuki, Toyota, Lexis, Fiat, Jeep and Alfa Romeo as well as Honda Motorcycles.

The company has now moved into its new purpose-built premises located at The Dockyard in Gibraltar where the new showroom is a state of the art building, bringing together both the Rock Motors and Bassadone brands to create the largest car showroom in Gibraltar and with that, the company takes pleasure in inviting customers, both old and new, to experience the new and unique Bassadone Auto World, which is considered to be a truly stunning creation

Creating the perfect customer experience for the Bassadone Auto World showroom required a carefully thought-out and well-designed space providing a combination of both quantitative and qualitative illumination, allowing the space to create an exciting atmosphere, which will attract both current and new customers to enter and view the wide range of marques on offer from this multi-franchised dealer.


Car showroom

Displaying vehicles within this prestige showroom required the solution to be designed so as to enhance the visual appearance of the vehicle’s highly reflective surfaces, whilst still allowing each of the different brands being displayed to retain their individual identity.


The first area to be seen by prospective customers is the multi-branded vehicle showroom, illuminated using the stunning linear Ansell Vasco LED range of fittings, having been appropriately positioned and suspended so as to provide optimum ambient illumination of the showroom and associated sales area.


For ambient lighting, the Vasco, provides true perfection for this commercial/retail application and with its black aluminium extruded construction and fantastic build quality, as well as being an LED bi-directional suspended linear fitting, allows for both direct and indirect illumination as standard with a 70% downward light and 30% upward light distribution, maximises the upward portion without removing to much light for illuminating the space together with an opal diffuser which provides optimal light uniformity.



The Vasco is offered in either aluminium or black and with adjustable suspension points being made possible by way of installing the supplied suspension kit allows the installation of the fitting to be carried out at the optimum height for this particular application. Supplied with an Integral Driver and having a selectable Correlated Colour Temperature (CCT) of either 3000K, 4000K or 6500K allowing the opportunity, at the point of installation, to determine the optimum colour temperature required to maximise the aesthetic benefits for staff and customers.

Available in different lengths of both 4ft 50Watt and 5ft 60Watt, together with both a continuous linking connector and 90-degree corner connector allows for the opportunity to create continuous lighting solutions appropriate to each individual application. Having a Colour Rendering Index (CRI) of 90, and an LED lifespan of L90 to 36,000 hours together, offers both excellent rendering of the many colours used in vehicle production together with an operating life, enhanced by a 3-year warranty, will continue to provide Bassadone Auto World’s showroom quality illumination for years to come.Providing further ambient lighting, the Ansell Endurance LED Panel, which is Supplied with a Remote LED Driver.


This high performance and maintenance free LED panel has been installed using the supplementary 2 metre suspension kit available separately, allowing the installed fittings to create the impression of a reduced height ceiling, whilst still retaining the overall effect of the higher height open space. Having a UGR<19 (Unified Glare Rating) this luminaire is compliant in assisting to achieve an installed glare rating of less than 19, so as eliminate glare allowing for this visual comfort panel to both outperform that of the energy efficient previous technology of 3x14Watt T5 fluorescent option, whilst also providing further significant energy savings, and a power consumption of only 29Watts.



Constructed from a white anodised aluminium frame for visual compatibility with ceiling grid or for surface mounting with a frame option or alternatively a suspended option using the wire suspension kit, thereby offering a low glare solution with an even light distribution pattern for multiple applications, such as commercial, education, healthcare and retail environments, to name but a few.


Being Tp(A) as standard, means this fitting is suitable for suspended ceiling applications where there is a specified requirement to maintain the fire integrity of the building against surface spread of flame. Warmwhite 3000K, Coolwhite 4000K and Daylight 6000K options are available, allowing the opportunity to create an environment ideally suited to the application, all of which are powered by quality Philips LED Drivers.



Panel Pod Self-Test emergency options as well as Panel Pod sensor option complete the range providing the opportunity to undertake installations requiring integrated emergency lighting within mains fittings as well as providing lighting control to optimise use and reduce energy consumption. With CRI Ra 80 for light quality and an LED lifespan of L80 B10 of 54,000 hours, means the Endurance range of LED Panels are ideally named, in providing quality illumination over an extended period with many applications.


Feature and Accent Lighting


The feature and accent lighting are provided by using a 240V 16A Mains Voltage Track System with the benefit of three circuit connectivity, thereby providing multiple group switching options for the track spots. With the option of either surface mounting or suspended mounting allows for installations in environments of differing heights and with or without a suspended ceiling. The track is made available in differing lengths and can be cut on site so as to create optimum length and is supplied with both a live end (Earth left) and dead end to ease installation.


Having a maximum mechanical loading of 50 Newtons and with the availability of an extensive range of track accessories means that numerous different layout options are possible thereby providing an aesthetically pleasing appearance, whatever the application. There is the added option of both left and right feed for Live ends, the ‘L’ and ‘T’ connectors, further enhancing the opportunities for installation.



The selected track mounted fittings are the Ansell Three Circuit Unity 3 LED Mains Spotlights, available in both black and white, which are supplied with an integral Driver, meaning that the fitting can be directly inserted onto the mains voltage track system, having rotated the three circuit functionality fixing to provide power through the appropriate circuit within the track. Having a comparable performance to that of 100W HQI, the 37Watt fitting delivers nearly 2900 lumens in Warmwhite 3000K and a little more than 3200 lumens in Coolwhite 4000K.


With a 355° rotation with 0-180° inclination tilt on the bracket allows for maximum flexibility in the positioning of illumination exactly where required and with beam angle of 40° allowing for the optimum illuminating beam control. Fitted with a mirror finish anodized reflector to provide outstanding performance together with an anti-glare design to maximise visual comfort. The three-circuit track spot is non-dimmable and has an LED lifespan L70 at 50,000 hours together with a 5-year warranty, means that it will continue to operate efficiently over an extended period of many years.



For other areas of where illuminated focus is required, the Krait 24 Volt Plug and Play LED Strip offered the ideal solution. At 7.2Watt per metre, and supplied less the driver, the 24 Volt option offers greater efficiencies and option of longer LED strip sizes. With a fast-fit plug and play connection, this removes the need for time consuming soldering of joints on site, and with a self-adhesive backing for ease of installation, results in less time being needed by the installer on site.


Available in many options, that of Single colour, RGB, RGBW and Tunable White flexible LED Strip, means the range can offer the optimum selection for many applications. With a performance of the white light options of Warmwhite 3000K and Coolwhite 4000K of a little more than 720 Lumens per metre, means an efficiency of performance of 100 Lumens per Watt, making this an ideal energy efficient lighting option and combined with a Colour Rendering Index (CRI) of 90, an LED lifespan to L80 of 60,000 hours, means not only is this offering efficiency, but more importantly the quality of illumination.


Emergency Lighting


For the emergency lighting within the open areas, the Condor LED Twin Spot, which is supplied within an Integral Driver offers a sleek modern and decorative solution, being manufactured from moulded polycarbonate and fitted with twin spotlights, ideally suited to a retail application. The individual adjustability of the LED array allows the end user to aim the output from the light into the desired location. With a total power consumption of 5 Watts and with integral Ni-Cd (Nickel Cadmium) batteries means a delivered lumen performance of around 360 Lumens in emergency operation with the light colour of 6500K. Available in both white and black allows for the fitting to blend into any application.



Signage is provided using the Eagle 3-in-1 LED Exit Sign, offering the flexibility of a single fitting contained ‘in a box’ providing a solution which enables choice of three different mounting options: suspension, recessed or side arm wall mounting, negating the requirement to separately purchase separate fittings, thereby making the process of specification much easier. With an integral Driver and Legend, this modern and slim, 3-In-1 LED Exit Sign is available in white and silver variants, with a total power consumption of 2.5Watt and a delivered lumen value in emergency operation of 15 lumens at a CCT of 6500K. Utilising Nickel Cadmium battery technology and with an optimising viewing distance of 25 metres allows for a 3 year warranty to be offered. The availability to purchase a range legend option, and with a Self-Test option means the Eagle LED Exit Sign is the ideal solution for many areas with a project’s emergency signage requirements.



For products having either Self-Test as standard or Self-Test options means that the test results are carried out by observation rather than manually testing, with no need to isolate mains supply to test, ensuring minimal disruption to normal operation. There is no requirement for key switches or data cables, where dedicated maintenance personnel are required only to record and rectify faults; not initiate the test and inspection. With no possibility of missed scheduled tests, the automatic monthly and annual tests provide building compliance, ensuring adherence to all relevant emergency and automatic testing standards.



Office and External Lighting


For the office and back of house areas such as stairwells, the Ansell Eclipse MultLED fitting was selected, which is supplied complete with an integral LED Driver. With suitability for both wall and ceiling mounting, this luminaire with its adjustable power and light output option, an integral driver dip-switch arrangement allows for the selection of either an 11Watt, 14Watt or 25Watt option. With an internal CCT selector switch allowing the installer to choose the Correlated Colour Temperature (CCT) of either 3000K, 4000K or 6500K, means this fitting maximises the flexibility of its uses in a multitude of applications. Having the availability of a corridor function option provides effective reduction in energy consumption within the installation. With lumen package options that offer a retrofit solution for 28W, 38W or 55Watt CFL luminaires, allows the customer to maintain illuminance whilst saving significant energy in the process.



With a spun aluminium base with the option of a white, chrome or satin chrome finish on the housing, and fitted with a dished opal Visiluxe diffuser together with BESA box fixings for versatile mounting options offers flexibility of finish and in performance allowing suitability for multiple applications. With CRI Ra 80 for light quality and an LED lifespan L70 at 54,000 hours together with a 5-year warranty means optimum flexibility and performance over many years of operation.


For the internal corridors, the Ansell Unity 80 LED Downlight offered the ideal selection, as with its compact size, this high-performance architectural downlight, which has an ingress protection of IP44 rating as standard, is constructed from die-cast aluminium which has been powder coated to provide a smooth finish.



With a mirror finish anodized reflector to optimise performance and an anti-glare design to create visual comfort together with a beam angle of 50° and a full cut-off angle at 30° for direct illumination, means this is an ideal fitting for illuminating a corridor where maximum illumination is required at floor level and where glare is kept to a minimum for those persons moving along the corridor. Available in both Warmwhite 3000K and Coolwhite 4000K with a lumen output of around 1100 Lumens together with a Colour Rendering Index (CRI) of 90 means a quality light source with good output.


With both dimmable and both various dimmable and emergency options available offering flexibility in its use. Having a performance which exceeds that of 2 x 18W PLC, but with a power consumption of 15 Watts makes this an energy efficient option both for a new installation or to replace an existing compact fluorescent fitting.


Externally to the building façade, the Dugas fitting, which is constructed from die-cast aluminium with a graphite textured paint finish making it an ideal solution for external applications. With the opportunity to install the fitting to provide either direct downward light or alternatively to provide upward light, allows this fitting to be installed in a number of different installations to provide the ideal architectural solution for the illumination of a multitude of building features, such as facades and columns as well as the brickwork between window openings.



The fitting is supplied with a GU10 lampholder, but supplied less lamp, allows the customer to make a selection as to the optimum wattage and colour temperature together with the selection of light distribution pattern needed for a particular application, whether that be a narrow beam for the illumination of a feature, such as a column, a medium beam for the illumination of a façade or wall, or alternatively a wide beam for a downward installed fitting.


All in all, the new Bassadone Auto World showroom project was a huge undertaking for the customer. From the get-go, the customer knew the importance of the role light played in crafting a special, unrivalled customer experience. The huge product portfolio on offer from Ansell, meant that the company could provide the one-stop shop for all their lighting requirements and the many qualitative and energy saving LED fixtures worked beautifully together to create a stunning scene throughout the inside and outside of the building.

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