We are a leading manufacturer of quality internal and external lighting products for commercial, industrial and retail applications.

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At Ansell Lighting we design and manufacture an extensive range of luminaires for a diverse number of applications. Whatever the shape, purpose or style of your space, we have a lighting solution.

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We are a leading manufacturer of quality internal and external lighting products for commercial, industrial and retail applications.

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Emboga – Home of Beauty


The interior design of any high-end salon is of paramount importance. Each detail must be carefully considered to create a relaxing environment. The salon isn’t merely just a service, the owners of Emboga understand that it’s far more than that. Visiting the Emboga salon must be an experience. One that’s so good that customers continue to come back time and time again.

Everything from the comfortable chairs, the quality of the towels, the stunning seating area and perhaps just as importantly, the lighting is carefully selected to craft the ultimate salon experience.

Instead of endlessly searching for the perfect lighting fixtures, Emboga and the electrical contractors employed to carry out the work knew Ansell Lighting could be their one stop shop for all their lighting requirements.

The vast range of lighting products and options allowed the team to identify the right products that met their lighting requirements, but importantly, why were these certain products selected over others within the portfolio. Let’s consider their features and how they came together to create a cohesive solution which has provided the client with the ‘wow’ factor for their salon.

Let’s start with the ambient lighting, provided by the Ansell Vantage range of Downlights, having a surface mounted diode (SMD) LED light source with a single product offering the benefits of a selectable correlated colour temperature, either 3000K, 4000K or 6500K thereby producing light which can be emitted in either of a warm colour, an intermediate or neutral colour, or a cold colour. With a range of four different sized fittings, this offers an ideal solution for both new and retrofit applications, where for the latter, the fitting should allow the opportunity for installation into an existing aperture. An economic polycarbonate circular performance LED downlight having a beam angle of 75° and with a deep cut-off angle allows for optimum glare control and comfort, ideally suit for a lower eye height when seated.

In four different wattages, from 8.5w up to 27w, powered by Tridonic and offering optimum performance, means that the completed installation will be very energy efficient and for a retrofit application where compact fluorescent fittings have been removed, the energy consumption savings will be in excess of 60% and potentially as much as 70%.

For the rear hair wash area, the Ansell Vasco fitting was selected, being an LED Bi-directional suspended Linear fitting with the same selectable correlated colour temperature, either 3000K, 4000K or 6500K, allowing for both the ambient light of the main area to be carried through to the rear area, allowing for a more cohesive lighting solution.  The feature of both direct and indirect illumination from the fitting provides much benefit in this application where the wash area features darker walls and ceiling could have resulted in a ‘cave like’ appearance, but the indirect light illuminating the ceiling has done the opposite in opening up a space which is devoid of natural light. Supplied with an Integral Driver and Suspension Kit allowed for the installation of the fitting to be carried out at its optimum height. With an aluminium extruded construction complete with integral driver and having a 30% indirect light and 70% direct light distribution as standard maximises the upward portion without removing to much light for illuminating the space together with an opal diffuser which provides optimal light uniformity. Having an LED lifespan to L90 of 36,000 hours, the same as the Vantage allows further cohesion between the fittings as used in different locations. With adjustable suspension points, a supplied suspension kit together with 1500mm of prewired cable, together with a linkable connector for continuous mounting, make the Vasco an ideal solution for a multitude of applications, such as this salon and commercial office building.

The task lighting for the stylists is through the installation of the Ansell Unity Track and Track Spots, which provide a flexible solution in that the position and direction of fittings can be easily adjusted as is adding or subtracting fittings, to meet optimum requirements. The track system is made bespoke from the availability of a multitude of common parts attached together, resulting in a system ideally suited for the client and the application. A Mini 24 Volt DC Track System with 24 Volt Accessories offers and ideal system for discrete display applications and with an extensive range of accessories in both black and white in colour offers significant flexibility for lighting projects. The Unity Mini Spotlight is track mounted and in black and white body colour to match the track. In 7 Watt and dimmable as standard, using integrated dial from 5% to 100% and having an adjustable beam angle from 5° for a highly efficient and directed uniform light through to 30° for a more ambient light distribution pattern, together with a 355° rotation with 0-180° tilt inclination on the bracket maximises flexibility in the application as light can be directed exactly where required. With a slim and ultra-compact design provides the modern and discrete appearance required for many applications such as in this salon. An LED lifespan of L70 to 50,000 hours, means longevity of operation.

For this application the accent light was by way of using the Ansell Boa LED Strip sited in various areas around the salon so as to provide added feature illumination within the space. For installations where there are a number of different lengths being required, the Boa offers a 24Volt LED Plug and Play Flexible Strip solution which has greater efficiency together with the opportunity to create longer illuminating lengths. Whilst offered in single colour, RGB, RGBW and with Tunable White variances, allows the flexibility of using the different options to create a stunning installation. Having a self-adhesive backing, plug and play connections allows for a quicker installation and without the need to spend time soldering joints. With a power consumption of 14.4Watts per metre, which for both warm white and cool white delivers around 1400 Lumens per metre makes this an efficient light source. An LED lifespan of L70 of 40,000 hours across the range means an extended operating life.

Our Vasco fitting and the Boa LED Strip feature a 3 year warranty and for the Vantage fitting and the Unity Track System, a 5 year warranty, meaning peace of mind for the customer in that the lighting will be operating as designed moving forward.

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