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We are a leading manufacturer of quality internal and external lighting products for commercial, industrial and retail applications.

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Falkland House School in partnership with Tridonic

In a tightly-knit partnership, the lighting specialists from Ansell Lighting and the control experts at Tridonic collaborated closely.
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The challenge of the project was with Falkland House School having been originally built during the 1860s, any replacement lighting system and associated lighting control system had to seamlessly blend the functionality of the modern requirements for illumination, whilst endeavouring to minimise on-site energy usage and maintain conservation, alongside considering the unique sensitivity of the building’s heritage and standing within the local community.

The Project

Working in close collaboration, the lighting team at Ansell Lighting and the controls team at Tridonic were able to design a lighting solution and lighting control system which perfectly accommodated all of the client’s specific expectations and requirements.

Ansell Lighting seamlessly integrated a range of cutting-edge lighting products into the project, ensuring a comprehensive and efficient lighting solution, through leveraging the Vasco CCT Bi-Directional Suspended Linear luminaires, within the classrooms, as well as other Ansell fittings installed, both internally and externally, alongside a high quality Tridonic lighting control system which would allow the site to be operated efficiently whilst also extending the economic life of the lighting fittings.

With this site being a residential school, the classrooms and living area space are generally used with different frequencies. The lighting enables the client to set appropriate scenes to ensure that the classroom lighting was controlled to be off outside of education timetable, with the external lighting having the facility to be set to reduce the light output when not needed, thereby reducing light pollution, and also reducing potential glare impact to the neighbouring properties.

Selected Product

The Vasco is an aluminium bi-directional suspended pendant fitting available in 4ft and 5ft variants, offering a light distribution pattern of 30% indirect upward light and 70% direct downward light and fitted with opal diffusers to provide optimal light uniformity. Having an extruded aluminium construction and fitted with an integral dimmable driver, allowing for a selectable colour selection of CCT 3000K, 4000K or 6000K, and offering a 1-10V analogue dimming facility. The fitting is supplied with1.5m of pre-wired cable, allowing for ease of installation. Having adjustable suspension points within the supplied suspension kit and offering surface mounting or track mounting when using AVAS/WM/1 and AVAS/P3/1/* accessories. Having a CRI of 80, and a beam angle of 130°, with a lifetime to L80 of 69,000 hours, makes it ideally suitable for a multitude of educational, commercial, and various retail type applications.

The Vision Mini is a miniature polycarbonate, non-dimmable circular 280mm diameter, IP65 LED luminaire constructed from polycarbonate, supplied with a non-dimmable LED Driver, either in a standard version or with an optional integrated PIR unit. The fitting is ideally suited for a range of external residential and hospitality applications as well as for other ancillary areas, as well as into areas which are exposed to adverse weather conditions. Having a lifetime to L70 of 36,000 hours, a CRI of 70 and a beam angle of 110°, in addition to the fitting having an ingress protection to IP65 and an impact rating to IK09.

For external road lighting applications, the Magna is a modern die-cast aluminium streetlight with optimal heat dissipation and performance, having a UV stabilized polycarbonate cover with G3 glare rating, a toolless gear tray for ease of maintenance and encompassing built-in anti-tamper isolation as well as surge protection. The streetlight is offered with an optional Photocell, having a lifetime to L80 of 54,000 hours, a CRI of 70, and a beam angle of 50° x 140°, in addition to the fitting having an ingress protection to IP65 and an impact rating to IK09. Making it an ideal solution for both residential and commercial applications.

The final luminaire selection was the Eclipse Multi-LED CCT wall and ceiling luminaire, constructed with a spun aluminium base and fitted with a dished opal Visiluxe diffuser, and an integral driver and dip-switch arrangement, allowing the selection of adjustable power and light output options in either 3000K or 4000K CCT. Available in both standard mains and emergency versions, with an option of versatile BESA Box mounting options. Having a lifetime to L70 of 60,000 hours, a CRI of 80 and a beam angle of 110°, the fitting is ideally suited for education, commercial and other ancillary areas.

Consideration also had to be made for the sensory needs of some of the residential students, with soft start functions offering an ideal choice, along with lighting fittings which provided excellent UGR values.

Creating a mesh system that would cater to both the internal and external lighting needs was imperative, thereby enabling the end user to control all of the elements of the lighting scheme from one central console, thereby allowing the site to be efficiently operated, whilst also prolonging the fittings economic life.

Tridonic was able to mesh together Ansell’s Octo wireless control system across the site to ensure that the different fittings could be adapted and have additional controls or receivers installed, so that the protocol was consistent across the site. This provided the end user with a single dashboard, from which all lighting elements could be controlled across the site.

A review of the outdoor lighting portfolio included expanding the Tridonic basic-DIM Wireless Outdoor node, which includes a long-range chip, capable of spanning 150m, as well as with a daylight sensor and photocell. The solution not only allowed for complete control of all lighting across the site, it also enabled predictive maintenance of all elements of the system and reduced energy waste by ensuring the lighting is always optimised when in use.

In concluding, the success of the project has sparked the opportunity for further lighting and control system upgrades within this site, all of which are to mirror the efficiencies, energy savings and wider benefits already provided to the students and the staff.


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