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We are a leading manufacturer of quality internal and external lighting products for commercial, industrial and retail applications.

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Mickle Hill Retirement Village

Comfort LED shows its versatility with installation across new village

Mickle Hill Retirement Village offers beautifully designed homes in a peaceful location with modern facilities to those people aged 60+, in a welcoming community and an enviable location just a short distance from the lively and picturesque village of Pickering, with its independent shops and historic attractions at the gateway to the North York Moors.

Mickle Hill is not what you expect from retirement living, in that the village is modern and spacious, with a cheerful atmosphere which enables residents to live as independently as they desire. With its range of state-of-the-art bungalows and apartments, the site has its own cafe, bar, cinema, salon, shop, gym, and spa as well as providing 24/7 care and support.

With the village being home to a variety of building types across several sites, the search began to identify a suitable downlight which could adapt to the various applications.

To that end, the Comfort LED from Ansell Lighting was identified as providing the optimum solution, being best equipped to adapt to the numerous varieties of spaces where installation was required.

The range is called Comfort for a reason, this being predominantly due to the visual comfort features which are included. The selected downlight fitting is an economic high performance IP44 downlight with a deep cut-off angle to maximise glare control and comfort and features Osram LED technology combined with enhanced diffuser design for outstanding uniformity.

Available in wattages of 10W/15W/22W, where each individual product can provide both 3000K and 4000K colour temperature options by way of an integral CCT switch allowing the electrician to select the appropriate colour temperature at the point of installation.

Where required for refurbishment projects, the downlight design allows installation into existing aperture cut-outs from 200mm to 220mm.

The Comfort range features a polycarbonate housing with unique thermal management for durability and optimum lifespan which is set at L70 50,000 hours. The range includes both switchable and digital dimming options, as well as maintained and self-test emergency versions and for those installations which require lighting control, an OCTO Smart Control version is include in the extensive range.

This project included a significant number of Comfort downlights installed throughout many different buildings within the village.

Also included in the extensive Comfort range is a 30W high performance IP44 downlight, offering the same colour temperature selection, and with the same switchable, emergency and OCTO control variants, which can provide an optimum solution for those larger installations. Finally, to complete this range of luminaires, a 17W 4000K Wallwash version, ideally suited for retail applications is also included, available as a switchable or digital dimming option as well as an OCTO Smart Control version.

The project was a smashing success. Comfort’s adaptability meant it could be installed throughout the Village whilst ensuring the upmost quality, reliability and energy saving performance.

The lighting upgrade at Mickle Hill Retirement Village resolved the complex lighting requirements of a diverse community with various building types. By selecting the Comfort LED range from Ansell Lighting, the village successfully adapted its lighting to a range of spaces, from bungalows and apartments to communal areas. This comprehensive solution not only improved visual comfort but also enhanced energy efficiency. With a variety of wattages and color temperature options, the Comfort range provided flexibility and tailored lighting for different needs, ensuring that residents enjoyed a well-lit, welcoming environment that met their unique preferences.

In summary, the Comfort LED range effectively addressed the multifaceted lighting needs of Mickle Hill Retirement Village, offering adaptability, visual comfort, and energy savings. This project was a resounding success, providing a modern, well-lit atmosphere for residents to enjoy in their vibrant and welcoming community.

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