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We are a leading manufacturer of quality internal and external lighting products for commercial, industrial and retail applications.

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Neil Johnson’s Snooker Studio

Neil Johnson Snooker Coaching, a distinguished figure in the snooker industry
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We’re excited to share a recent collaboration with Neil Johnson Snooker Coaching, a distinguished figure in the snooker industry. Our goal was to enhance the lighting environment of Neil Johnson’s studio, ensuring optimal visibility on the snooker table while maintaining overall ambiance and energy efficiency. Neil Johnson Snooker Coaching operates a studio frequented by top professionals and amateurs, and with the aim of launching a YouTube channel, impeccable lighting for both in-person and online audiences was paramount.

Challenges Faced:

Precision Lighting: Our challenge was to achieve optimal illumination on the snooker table without compromising the studio’s ambiance.

Glare Reduction: Addressing the issue of glare in a brightly lit space to ensure player comfort and visual clarity.

Multi-Purpose Lighting: Designing a versatile lighting solution suitable for both professional snooker play and video recording for online content.


Pace Backlit 1200×600 Panel: We installed the Pace panel above the snooker table, offering uniform illumination that enhances visibility without causing glare. Its sleek design seamlessly integrates into the studio’s aesthetic, providing an ideal lighting environment for precision play.

Prism Pro CCT Fire Rated Downlight Dual Wattage: Strategically positioned throughout the room, these downlights offer customisable colour temperature control and dual-wattage options. This flexibility allows for the creation of different atmospheres suited to various activities, from intense practice sessions to relaxed gatherings.

Prism Pro Fire Rated Gimbal: Employed to highlight signage and logos within the studio, the gimbal fixtures provide adjustable directional lighting. This feature not only enhances branding but also adds visual interest to the space, creating focal points for both in-person visitors and online audiences.


We’re thrilled to report that Neil Johnson expressed utmost satisfaction with the implemented lighting solutions. He emphasised the impact on both professional play and content creation, highlighting the seamless integration of main lighting with tilting spotlights, resulting in a balanced, glare-free environment. Additionally, Neil praised the brightness achieved without the discomfort of typical glare, affirming the success of our approach.


Through our collaborative efforts with Neil Johnson Snooker Coaching, we successfully achieved our objectives of precision illumination, glare reduction, and multi-purpose functionality. The integration of our innovative lighting solutions not only enhances the snooker-playing experience but also facilitates Neil’s venture into online content creation. This case study stands as a testament to our commitment to delivering tailored solutions that exceed client expectations. The lighting installation was carried out by Aurora Electrical Services, ensuring expert implementation and reliability.

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