We are a leading manufacturer of quality internal and external lighting products for commercial, industrial and retail applications.

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At Ansell Lighting we design and manufacture an extensive range of luminaires for a diverse number of applications. Whatever the shape, purpose or style of your space, we have a lighting solution.

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We are a leading manufacturer of quality internal and external lighting products for commercial, industrial and retail applications.

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Wildlife For All


Wildlife for all is an immensely driven charity which manage their own nature reserves here in Sussex and in South Africa. Their no-nonsense education approach focuses on the need for a deeper understanding to nature conservation and purposely work as non-paid professionals meaning that all donations are spent on genuine needs, such as buying land for nature.  

‘Wildlife for All’ has recently built a stunning new facility on their land in Sussex. The Oasis and Oasis Woods are a 15-acre nature reserve and education centre, set within an area of outstanding natural beauty in mid-Sussex.  

Oasis Woods provides a glimpse of what ancient forest looked like before most of it was cleared for agriculture and other human activities long ago. There are mass displays of bluebells in May, leading downwards to a beautiful woodland stream inhabited by trout and visited by kingfishers. Woodpeckers and owls are heard daily and wild deer are commonly seen.  

The new building within the Oasis is home to educational display boards, amongst other things and a lot of love went into creating this new facility.  

For illumination, the facility is home to the Ansell Single Circuit Track encompassing the Single Circuit Low Profile Unity 1 Trackspot. The low-profile LED trackspots with integral driver feature a 355° rotation with 0-180° tilt on the track adapter which houses the driver, and the fittings have a mirror finish anodized reflector for optimum efficiency. The black body trackspots were supplied in 12W with a 4000K coolwhite appearance and having a CRI value of Ra90, allows for high quality illumination with the capability of accurately rendering colours. With a beam angle of 27 degrees, this provides a controlled light distribution pattern suitable for illuminating the displays. This installation complements such a stunning room, where so much love and energy poured into its construction, and which deserved lighting that enhanced the room to a much greater level.  

The most crucial aspect for the application was to ensure that the selected trackspot lighting was visually comfortable. The installed Unity trackspots feature a microprism diffuser for optimum visual comfort and uniformity which made the world of difference and ensured the displays were easy on the eye. With the room showcasing important display boards which would be used to educate visitors, the lighting had to be just right.  

Another major factor of why the Ansell Single Circuit Low Profile Unity 1 LED Trackspots offered the perfect solution was additionally due to the five-year warranty included and in its impressive LED lifespan of L80 to 68,000 hours.  

Here at Ansell Lighting, we couldn’t be prouder to have supported ‘Wildlife for All’ as they continue to go from strength to strength in their mission to improve nature conservation and where their new facility will go far in improving, what already is a great experience for visitors, and the company is most pleased that its high-quality trackspots can play a part in that process.  

Full list of product and accessory’s included: 

  • 4 x AMT1/B Mains Voltage 16A Single Circuit Track 1 Metre Black 
  • 2 x AMTINS/B  2Metre – Black Track Insert
  • 3 x AMTBC/B  SingleCircuit Track Accessory – Butt Connector Black
  • 1 x AMTDE/B  SingleCircuit Track Accessory – Dead End Black
  • 1 x Single Circuit Track Accessory – Live End Black
  • 8 x Single Circuit Low Profile Unity 1 LED Track 12W – Cool White – Black (the LEDs should come with the spotlights)
  • 2 x AMON/GU10/B SurfaceMonopoint– Black 
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