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At Ansell Lighting we design and manufacture an extensive range of luminaires for a diverse number of applications. Whatever the shape, purpose or style of your space, we have a lighting solution.

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We are a leading manufacturer of quality internal and external lighting products for commercial, industrial and retail applications.

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Wilton Centre

Premier science park receives lighting makeover
014_Ansell_wilton__DSC3689-1-min (1)-min

The Wilton Centre is the premier science park in the North East of England, which provides office, laboratory, and pilot plant accommodation. The park is adjacent to Wilton International and sits in the heart of the Northeast of England Process Industry Cluster (NEPIC), which is one of Europe’s largest R&D facilities, housing several leading global and regional businesses in the chemical, manufacturing, material, and life science industries.

The complex is set in a 75-acre landscaped park with its own lake and courtyards. A variety of areas were the subject of lighting upgrades and across the various facilities, a number of luminaires from the Ansell Lighting portfolio were selected for this prestigious application.

Firstly, the Ansell Vasco LED CCT luminaire was selected for a number of spaces, including the reception and seating areas, as well as the office spaces, where the stunning Vasco Suspended Linear hangs beautifully from the ceiling, creating both the optimum and uniform illumination required, alongside a superb aesthetic appearance.

It can be notoriously difficult for a product to get the combination of form and function right, however, when it comes to designing an installation incorporating the Vasco commercial linear range of fittings, the resultant conclusion can be the creation of a stunning environment in which to operate.

The Vasco bi-directional suspended pendant, with its extruded aluminium construction, is offered in either an aluminium or black finish, together with its high-quality opal diffusers, having a beam angle of 105°, and providing a 70% downward light output and 30% upward light output, which creates optimal light output and uniformity, alongside reduced levels of glare, thereby allowing the client to experience the opportunity of having a luminaire with a premium level of visual appearance, as well as achieving superb performance, making the Vasco, the ideal solution for a multitude of commercial, educational, and retail applications. For those installations where only, direct illumination is a specification requirement, the luminaire has the option of being switched to allow direct downward illumination only.

The luminaire is fitted with an integral driver, which offers the opportunity of a selectable Correlated Colour Temperature (CCT) of either a 3000K, 4000K or 6000K output, thereby facilitating the opportunity of using the same luminaire across many different spaces, where different colour temperatures have been specified.

Supplied, pre-wired with 1.5 metre cable for ease of installation and having the facility of adjustable suspension points using the supplied suspension kit, aids the installation for the contractor. Where a continuous lighting arrangement is required, the addition of a range of accessories, including a continuous link connector and 90° corner connectors in both an aluminium or black finish, allow for both a linear and rectangular shaped lighting arrangements to be achieved. Further accessory options of a track adapter in either finish, allows installation onto three circuit track systems and the accessory of a wall mounting kit allows the fittings to be wall mounted.

Offered in either High Output or Low Output across the various lengths of 1200mm and 1500mm, allows the use of designing into the project, luminaires having the same appearance, but with different outputs, meaning that spaces requiring different illumination levels achieve the same superb aesthetic visual effect. Supplied as a 1-10V analogue dimmable luminaire, as standard, with the additional option of adding OCTO smart control can facilitate the opportunity of a system to remotely control the lighting installation.

With an input of 220/240Volts, a frequency of 50/60Hz, an operating temperature from -20°C to +45°C, and a CRI of 80, alongside a lifetime of 36,000 hours to L90, allows additional installation opportunities.

All in all, the Vasco bi-directional fitting has allowed the client in this application, to install the same fitting across many different spaces, thereby creating a level of visual uniformity for both the staff and visitors.

The Comfort LED EVO Downlight was selected for a number of areas, in that it offers an economic and high-performance Correlated Colour Temperature (CCT) selectable between 3000K and 4000K, allowing its use in spaces requiring different colour temperatures. The downlights within the range are also power selectable, offering two different outputs in the same luminaire, with the opportunity to create uniformity of design across spaces requiring different lighting levels, whilst also providing a high level of efficiency at around 130Lumens/Watt when operating in 4000K.

With an intelligent and eco-friendly 3-part design, allows for the client to select the fitting wattage option and then the reflector and trim option, with an 80° reflector beam angle, and having a deep cut-off angle for glare control and comfort, alongside either a white or black trim, that offers great customisation and product upgradability.

This economic high-performance Comfort LED EVO Downlight, with its 210mm cut-out has the possibility to replace compact fluorescent downlights with minimal ceiling repair work, having a polycarbonate housing with unique thermal management properties, allowing both durability and optimum lifespan. With an input of 220/240Volts, a frequency of 50/60Hz, an operating temperature from -20°C to +25°C, and a CRI of 80, alongside a lifetime of 60,000 hours to L80, allows for extended operational life.

Numerous accessories complement the range of downlights, allowing for a range of digital dimming options, including Smart Dim, DSI and DALI, alongside an option for OCTO Smart Control, powered by Casambi. A DALI Emergency option is also available as well as using a standard remote Emergency Pack. Finally, an Anti-Ligature Kit complements the range, allowing its use in healthcare applications where secure fittings are required.

The next fitting to be selected was the Pace Backlit LED Panel, which offered a different option from the normally specified edge-lit LED Panels. Providing a reliable and economic level of illumination across the entire space, the Pace Backlit LED Panel offered excellent suitability for this project.

With its slimline design it is suitable for installation into shallow ceiling voids, and is available in both 600×600 and 1200×600 variances, and with a TP(a) rated diffuser fitted as standard, making it ideal for installations within the commercial, education, and associated sectors, where a TP(a) diffuser is a prerequisite within the specification. The fitting is constructed with the ability to eliminate glare to enhance visual comfort, thereby assisting in achieving a UGR<19 (unified glare rating) compliant installation.

In Cool White as standard, with the option of both Warm White and Daylight variances, the Pace LED Backlit Panel encompasses a multitude of additions and accessories, offering an ideal solution to many applications across a variety of sectors. Various installation accessories are on offer including a suspension kit, a surface mounting frame, a recessed plasterboard mounting kit and a skylight recessed frame. A 30Watt multi-current Dimmable LED Drive is available allowing a 0-10Volt Analogue Dimming, in addition to both Switch Dim and DALI Dimmable control gear options.

For fitting requiring the addition of an emergency conversion, the addition of the stand-alone Emergency Pod or the inclusion of DALI Emergency within the luminaire provides an ideal solution where the installation requires an emergency lighting component. A Sensor Pod is also available allowing conversion of the fitting to encompass a microwave sensor operation, which provides a 360° rotational operation and a detection angle of 120°. A full smart control OCTO option is also available, allowing for control through a smart phone or other device, thereby providing the user with complete control of the lighting. For those installations requiring a secure fitting, an Anti-Ligature Kit can be supplied for the Pace LED Backlit fitting.

Offered with a five-year warranty and LED lifespan to L80B10 of 54,000 hours, provides the added benefit of longevity.

Finally, the slim and modern Ruby LED pendant, with its die-cast housing and option of either white or black paint finish, fitted with a white bottom cover, offered a minimalistic pendant solution for this application. The pendant, which is Triac dimmable, has a performance of 50,000 hours to L70, thereby proving a solution with extended operating life, and where the 15 Watt LED fittings are installed, they exceed the performance of the previous 42W PLC compact fluorescent fitting.

The lighting upgrades at The Wilton Centre successfully resolved various lighting challenges across different areas. The implementation of luminaires like the Vasco LED CCT luminaire in reception, seating areas, and offices provided optimal and uniform illumination while enhancing the overall aesthetic appeal. The Comfort LED EVO Downlight offered economic and high-performance lighting with CCT selectability, catering to spaces with varying color temperature requirements. The Pace Backlit LED Panel, designed for reliability and economic illumination, contributed to the project’s success, especially in areas with shallow ceiling voids. The modern Ruby LED pendant added a sleek, minimalistic lighting solution, further elevating the overall lighting quality. These lighting enhancements not only improved visibility but also allowed for customization and energy efficiency, meeting the specific needs of The Wilton Centre.

In summary, the lighting upgrades at The Wilton Centre effectively addressed diverse lighting requirements, providing enhanced illumination, energy efficiency, and visual comfort across various spaces, ultimately enhancing the overall environment and user experience.

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  • 009_Ansell_wilton__DSC3674
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  • 014_Ansell_wilton__DSC3689
  • 015_Ansell_wilton__DSC3692-HDR
  • 016_Ansell_wilton__DSC3695-HDR
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