We are a leading manufacturer of quality internal and external lighting products for commercial, industrial and retail applications.

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At Ansell Lighting we design and manufacture an extensive range of luminaires for a diverse number of applications. Whatever the shape, purpose or style of your space, we have a lighting solution.

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We are a leading manufacturer of quality internal and external lighting products for commercial, industrial and retail applications.

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Why Should You Invest In Self Testing Emergency Lighting?

Take a look at our range of Self Testing Emergency Lighting

Building owners and responsible persons such as facilities managers must be able to prove that their emergency lighting systems are consistently working correctly and must maintain them in full working order.

To ensure this, they would usually have to test each individual unit, keeping specific records of when it was tested, which as we’re sure you can imagine, is time consuming and can be a costly task.

So why should you invest in Self Testing Emergency Lighting, what are the benefits?

The LIA (Lighting Industry Association) have emphasised that automatic testing is more effective and more reliable than manual testing. Virtually all buildings are required to use emergency lighting systems, to ensure that the building and its occupants are protected in case of an emergency.

Self testing emergency lighting systems are easy to install and installing them is one of the best ways to meet fire safety regulations. The systems also stop the need to manually test and record all of the emergency lighting within any given building, saving you and your business valuable time and money!

The unit’s automatic tests are carried out without disruption to normal use of the building and if failures are indicated when conducting the tests, maintenance personnel are notified. This feature not only saves maintenance/facilities personnel from testing every individual light, but it means that those employees are only required to attend to the units that have reported faults.

Automatic emergency lighting testing is usually the safer, more cost effective option, providing a lower total cost to own and maintain, whilst also providing essential peace of mind for building owners and occupiers that ensures they comply with building regulations.

Ansell manufacture and supply a range of Self Testing Emergency Lighting:

·      Centurion LED Bulkhead

·      Osprey High Rack LED Bulkhead

·      Encore LED Exit Sign

·      Eagle 3-in-1 LED Exit Sign

·      Harrier LED IP65 Blade Exit Sign

·      IP65 Owl LED Twin Spot

In addition to this, our Stormloc LED, Galaxy LED and Mercury LED fittings can be converted to self test emergency lighting upon request. Our Infinite and Endurance LED panels can also instantly be converted to self test emergency lighting with our Panel Pod.

If you have any questions about our range of Self Testing Emergency Lighting please don’t hesitate to contact us.

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