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At Ansell Lighting we design and manufacture an extensive range of luminaires for a diverse number of applications. Whatever the shape, purpose or style of your space, we have a lighting solution.

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We are a leading manufacturer of quality internal and external lighting products for commercial, industrial and retail applications.

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Broadlands Driving Range

Ansell Lighting's LED solutions light up Broadlands Golf


The Broadlands Golf Driving Range, located in the Millennium 2000 city of Wolverhampton, in the West Midlands, is a state-of-the-art Golf facility which offers the perfect place to practise. With 18 bays and the offer of interactive Toptracer ball tracking technology, Srixon white two-piece balls, premium triple-layer range mats and a target field outfield.

Broadlands Golf Range offers the perfect place to practise and whether you are a serious golfer, an occasional swinger or a complete and absolute beginner, the experience gained, which also offers expert coaching, provided by 3 hugely experienced PGA qualified coaches as well as private coaching facilities including the Swing room with Track Man 4 Technology, Tru Strike Turf, an indoor putting studio and practice bunker. All this makes this the ideal facility for those inhabitants of the West Midlands where you are just a booking away from taking control of your golf game and which will be both beneficial and most enjoyable

The management team at the Broadlands Golf facility recently authorised the upgrade of the lighting system to further improve the customer experience. The industry leading lighting design team at Ansell Lighting, were asked to provide a lighting solution and designed a scheme which utilised some of the most powerful products within the portfolio.


Ansell Lighting Designer, Nick Gwilliam, said: “We get many different projects through to us here at Ansell. I was especially excited when Broadlands Gold Driving Range landed on my desk. We take careful consideration when designing our proposals and we immerse ourselves in every last detail to fully understand the requirements of the customer and scope of the project. We work closely with the Area Sales Manager who submitted the project to us to ensure we deliver a lighting scheme that goes above and beyond the expectations set.”

He added “Ansell’s large product portfolio means we have many solutions at our disposal. We are a very collaborative team in the Lighting Design department and after deliberation, it was clear that our Colossus HO LED Floodlight and Tornado Pro was more than capable of meeting the requirements.”

Focusing in on the products Nick utilised and understanding the major lighting requirements of Broadlands Golf Driving Range, it’s clear why our Colossus HO LED Floodlight and Tornado Pro had been selected. Two products of the upmost quality, both have power in abundance and both as reliable as any installer could dream for.


The Golf Range

This project provided the ideal opportunity for Ansell Lighting to offer the Colossus High Output, High Efficiency LED Symmetric Floodlight, with its superb performance and suitability for this type of application. With the fitting having a degree of Ingress Protection against solid objects and water to IP65 and with Impact strength to IK08, and which is supplied with a remote mounted LED Driver housed within an IP65 Enclosure, means that the fitting and associated control gear housing will remain sealed and operational during the full warrantied lifetime of the luminaire.

Constructed with a housing in Die-cast Aluminium and finished in a black coating. With a compact size of having a length of 441 mm, a height/depth of 603 mm, and a width of 194 mm, combined with a reduced weight, means this fitting is ideal for a multitude of large exterior applications, including large external industrial working areas, Heavy Goods Vehicle loading and parking areas, and large open areas such as those located at motorway service stations or at port terminals as well as the many sports project applications including this particular golf driving range.



Being a sizeably powerful floodlight, which is nearly exclusively used for the larger exterior application, there is no requirement to offer a dimmable or sensor-controlled options, therefore the range is restricted to switchable products only, however the use of high quality ‘Meanwell’ LED Drivers means they will provide optimum performance and maximum reliability and with being protected to Class1, also safe for any application. With a lumen performance where the 500Watt Colossus exceeds that of a 1000Watt HQI and the 1000Watt Colossus exceeds that of a 2000Watt HQI, means an instant energy saving of more than 50%, when taking into account of control gears losses of the HID light sources.

Each of the fittings within the range is supplied with a stirrup bracket, providing suitability for surface mounting and for wall mounting and in allowing adjustability for swivelling rotation and for the adjustment of the inclination of the fitting head, allowing the ease of adjustment to provide targeted illumination exactly where required.

For this particular project, the specification requirements were towards providing both qualitative and quantitative illumination within the vicinity of and outward from, the tee-off area, which would allow the golfer to see the ball in flight as it leaves his club on its way towards the distance markers.

Lighting at distance was less important for this application as the club had embarked on the installing of ‘Toptracer’, a system which had entered the golf industry just quite recently in 2017, where it offered an interactive experience at all levels of play, and which has transformed how golfers play and more importantly practice on the driving range.


The ‘App’ once installed on the iPhone or iPad allows players to store data from the practice sessions so that they can continuously monitor the positive changes taking place over time to improve their stroke play and with this system in place, the attempt to visually follow the ball in flight, which when the range is busy, is certainly not an easy process. It is no longer a requirement for the golfer to squint in attempting to see the ball as having access to the information of the time spent on the range can be accessed at any time through the phone, rather than just seeing it once and it be gone for ever, which previously made it somewhat difficult to compare performance now with what had been achieved previously.

The smaller of the two fittings within the range was used for this application, providing a white light at a Colour Temperature of 5000K and a Colour Rendering Index suitable for external installations, at 70-79. The rated lumen output to IEC 62722-2-1 for the 500Watt version provides a performance of 66,489 Lumens which at 133 Lumens per Watt, makes this an efficient and energy saving solution.

The fitting has a symmetrical light distribution pattern with a wide beam angle of 60° in both axial and transverse planes. With an input voltage of 100V/240V at 50/60Hz, means that the fitting can be offered to other European markets as well as to the countries within the United Kingdom and with an LED Lifespan of L70 at 50,000 hours, means also that it will be operational for many years to come.


The Tee-Off Areas

The areas under the canopy used as the Tee-Off areas utilised the Ansell Tornado Pro LED Non-Corrosive fitting, as supplied with an integral LED Driver and with a superb performance which exceeds that of the previous energy efficient technology of T5 linear fluorescent.



Being an ultra-slim IP65 linear sealed fitting, with a unique base design which caters for multiple installation methods and that of installer friendly imbedded features to aid in accurate and fast installation for any application together with a quick release LED array and gear tray assembly providing the installer the means to faster installation or maintenance, and a fast latching and permanently located stainless steel side clips ensure a quick and secure connection, all together makes the Tornado Pro the ideal on optimum fitting selection for a multitude of different applications, such as for installation within this semi-external project as well as many industrial installation.


Having an integral Tridonic LED driver as standard and with emergency options having Self-test emergency fitted as standard including that of Li-ion battery technology, thereby reducing the charge time and running costs for emergency operation. Available in a range of nominal sizes of 4ft, 5ft and 6ft and in the equivalent of what would have been considered as single and twin versions, this range offers different lumen performances, but all with an efficacy of greater that 100 Lumens per Watt.

With a CRI of 80 and an LED lifespan to L80 B10 of 54,000 hours, this further enhances the Tornado Pro in the fact that the fitting will, when installed, continue to provide optimum illumination levels for many years to come, allowing the golfers quality lighting to help improve their game.


The Putting Green

The illumination used for the associated putting area was provided by Ansell Aztec floodlight mounted on a tubular steel column and twin bracket arm with single bolt fixing to allow rotational positioning and adjustment of inclination to precisely aim the light exactly where required, making it an ideal solution for the putting area.

The Aztec range of high-performance diecast aluminium luminaires is available with either an asymmetrical light distribution pattern or a symmetrical light distribution pattern, with 5 different fittings across a wide number of wattages from 50 Watt all the way up to 300Watt in both light distribution patterns. With all fittings having a high lumen output for their respective wattage, make this range of floodlights a high efficiency option for many applications from projects such as this golf putting area, to commercial and industrial installations, as well as utilising the smaller options for the larger residential projects. With the option to have an integral photocell included, which allows for optimum operation, thereby further reducing energy consumption.


With a pre-installed breathable gland to prevent internal moisture accumulation, means this fitting range has a high ingress protection to IP66 and with impact protection to IK08. Having a 120° beam angle across all fittings in the range, provides a wide distribution pattern where the fittings such as the 200Watt exceeds that of 320Watt of HQI and the 300Watt exceeds that of the 400Watt HQI, providing efficacies at over 140 Lumens/Watts across the range.

With a CRI of 70 and a CCT of 5000K, this provides a daylight appearance, alongside operation from -30°C to 50°C. The fittings are offered in a non-dimmable version only and are pre-wired with 1.5 metre of rubber insulated cable for ease of installation. With a LED lifespan to L80 B10 at 54,000 hours.

Recently a whole addition to the range, offers a coastal version, ideally suited to those applications where a greater protection is offered against the effects of salt corrosion created within coastal locations, and available with a symmetrical beam distribution in variants with or without an integral photocell across the whole range in wattages from 50 Watts to 300 Watts, with construction from pressure die-cast aluminium which has undergone an electrophesis treatment followed by the application of a special powder coating to prevent corrosion.


The solution provided by the design team at Ansell Lighting was presented to the client a subsequently installed, providing the optimum illumination for this project, when working alongside the range of technologies being used on site, however each lighting request for this type of application is always assessed on its own merits and this installation, whilst ideal for this client, might not be suitable for other similar applications.

Please contact Ansell Lighting Design directly to discuss your next lighting project, as the team with their expertise await your call.

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