We are a leading manufacturer of quality internal and external lighting products for commercial, industrial and retail applications.

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We are a leading manufacturer of quality internal and external lighting products for commercial, industrial and retail applications.

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Valiants Showground

Z LED Performance has power in abundance

Valiants Farm, located in Preston, has just undergone a complete lighting overhaul. The showground is where the lighting upgrade has taken place, being a converted Equestrian Centre, and which can be used to host some of the biggest underground electronic music events in the UK. The showground is large and required top lighting performance.

The kind of output that Ansell Z LED Performance UFO High Bay can deliver, in being a robust LED low/high bay, suitable for a multitude of projects, including industrial, commercial, and retail applications. Available in 100W, 150W and 200W versions, the UFO features a die-cast powder coated construction and heatsink for optimum thermal heat transfer and performance. With multiple installation options by means of drop rods, jack chain and catenary wire, as well as by way of the additional mounting bracket accessory for ceiling or wall mounting, being pre-wired with 3metres of H07RN-F cable, allowing ease and speed of installation. Supplied with a 110° beam distribution, but with additional lens options offering 85° mid-beam version as well as a 55° narrow beam version, ideally suited for racking aisles. A sealed fitting, being IP65, in 1-10V dimmable as standard, with additional Microwave Sensor and Smart Control options, as well as maintained emergency versions. With a LED lifespan L80B10 to 54,000 hours alongside a five-year warranty, gives installers the peace of mind, that the Z LED Performance is a solution they can rely on for a wide range of projects.

The installation of Ansell products didn’t stop with just the Z LED Performance, the contractors took full advantage of the Ansell’s large product offering. As with all venues, emergency lighting is a must requirement and the Guardian LED, Encore LED and IP66 Owl Twin Spot were also selected for installation.

The Guardian a popular choice, being an ultra-slim profile LED polycarbonate self-test bulkhead, with a LiFePO4 Lithium battery providing improved energy consumption, product reliability and lifetime, and supplied with a self-adhesive legend. The Guardian features 20mm side, end, and rear cable entries, and comes with a quick release LED array/gear tray assembly which provides the installer the means to ease installation and maintenance. With the availability of an optional semi-recessing kit, this fitting offers an ideal solution and has a viewing distance of 18 metres.

The Encore LED Exit Box is an ultra slim, modern LED exit sign, with a neat picture frame appearance compared to conventional fluorescent exit signs. It is supplied with all legend options, that of arrow down, arrow up and arrow left/right. Available in white and silver-grey finishes, and with an optional self-test version. The viewing distance for the Encore is 29 metres.

Finally, we have the IP66 Owl LED Twin Spott, which is a self-test Twin LED emergency floodlight for industrial applications, exceeding the performance of an equivalent 2x20W halogen, and comes in a robust white moulded enclosure and moulded polycarbonate heads offering IP66 protection. Supplied with self-test as standard.

With a comprehensive lighting overhaul at Valiants Farm’s showground in Preston, the venue has achieved a significant transformation in lighting performance and efficiency. The installation of Ansell Z LED Performance UFO High Bay, along with other Ansell products like Guardian LED, Encore LED, and IP66 Owl Twin Spot, has ensured top-notch lighting quality and emergency lighting requirements. The UFO High Bay, available in various wattages, offers robust construction and multiple installation options, ensuring long-lasting performance. This lighting upgrade not only enhances the venue’s functionality but also improves cost-effectiveness, making it a successful project.

Valiants Farm’s lighting upgrade, featuring Ansell’s Z LED Performance UFO High Bay and other products, has not only improved lighting quality but also significantly reduced energy costs, with a robust LED lifespan of L80B10 to 54,000 hours, ensuring long-term reliability.

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