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We are a leading manufacturer of quality internal and external lighting products for commercial, industrial and retail applications.

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Coxmoor Golf Club


Coxmoor Golf Club, which was established in 1913, is a magnificent heathland course located in Sutton-in-Ashfield, on the outskirts of Mansfield. The club has recently been accredited by England Golf as a Championship Venue. They have also been an Open Qualifying course, held the British Boys Championship, British Seniors Championship and most recently the English Seniors Championship and the Brenda King Foursomes, a prestigious lady’s senior event.

The club decided that the lighting across its facilities needed an overhaul. Everywhere from the outdoor walkways, in door hallways and all the way to the communal areas. Ansell Lighting was very pleased to have been able to support Coxmoor Golf Club’s lighting upgrade by supplying a variety of high-quality LED fixtures.

Starting with the external communal areas, the Ansell Duo Midi LED Bi-directional LED wall was specified. The luminaire features a die-cast aluminium construction with graphite paint finish and comes with a 34° direct and indirect beam angle. Available in two different wattage options, the 19 Watts of LED exceeds the performance of a 70W CDM-T and the 42Watts of LED exceeds the performance of a 150W CDM-T. With an ingress protection of IP65 and a lifespan to L70 of 50,000 hours, this makes it the ideal wall light for the outdoor communal areas.

Additionally, a dozen Ansell Mini Vision 3 LED fittings supplemented the external space on the exterior of the building. The Mini Vision 3 is a polycarbonate LED luminaire made for the majority of external applications. Each fitting is supplied with plain, louvred eyelid and plain eyelid covers. Available in 9Watt of LED, the luminaire exceeds the performance of a 28W TC-DD. With an ingress protection of IP65 and a LED lifespan of L70 36,000 hours, making it suitable for this application.

The emergency lighting for the application was provided by the Ansell Guardian M3/NM3 bulkhead fitting. This ultra-slim profile LED polycarbonate bulkhead of 3Watts and with a CCT of 6500K, it can be installed for either Maintained of Non-Maintained use depending upon the application requirements. The emergency bulkhead is supplied with self-adhesive legend and features 20mm side, end, and rear knockouts for cable entry. Internally a hinged screwless gear tray allows for easy installation. The Guardian has in ingress protection of IP65 and is ideally suited for indoor or outdoor applications.

For the interior of the Coxmoor Golf Club, a range of Ansell Lighting luminaires were installed. Throughout the entrance and hallways, the Ansell Galaxy CCT LED Downlight range was identified as the downlight capable of meeting the lighting requirements for the club.

The Galaxy is a range of compact LED Downlight which replaces and outperforms the majority of the former Twin Compact Fluorescent lamp fittings. The product is offered in both 3000K and 4000K colour temperature options. A faceted reflector and optical Fresnel lens provide outstanding performance, uniformity, and glare control. Removable twist on, twist off bezel provides option of utilising alternative bezel and drop glass accessories which was fully taken advantage of with the Galaxy PL Downlight Trim Bezel which is a clear outer ring with frosted centre disc utilised along with the Galaxy. Dimmable and Emergency options are available, and the Galaxy’s packed feature set is completed with an Ingress Protection to IP65 and a LED lifespan to L70 of 50,000 hours.

Providing signage to indicate the route to exit in event of a fire, the Eagle 3-in-1 LED Exit sign was selected for the hallways of the club building. It is a modern, slim, 3-In-1 LED Exit Sign, providing the choice of three different mounting options: suspension, recessed or side arm wall mounting. The Eagle also has a viewing distance 25 Metres. Available as a self-test option luminaire.

Coxmoor Golf Club were delighted with the results and Ansell’s LED luminaires showcased their excellent build-quality, reliability, and aesthetic.

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