We are a leading manufacturer of quality internal and external lighting products for commercial, industrial and retail applications.

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At Ansell Lighting we design and manufacture an extensive range of luminaires for a diverse number of applications. Whatever the shape, purpose or style of your space, we have a lighting solution.

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We are a leading manufacturer of quality internal and external lighting products for commercial, industrial and retail applications.

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OCTO delivers the complete smart lighting package to transform the efficiency and ambience of commercial and residential spaces.

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Residential Home Garden


The homeowners of this particular property were exploring various lighting solutions that could illuminate their back garden. They wanted the lighting to provide an aesthetic appeal that blended well within the garden scene and didn’t look out of place.  

The lighting products needed to balance form and function which isn’t a regular occurrence. Whilst one of the major requirements was for the fixtures to look great, the primary goal was for the homeowners to be able to enjoy their outdoor space during the hours of darkness, the benefits of safe access and security are also of consideration and it can often be difficult to get the back garden lighting just right but these homeowners did that by installing our Calore and Orno lanterns.  

The Calore lantern is a modern exterior wall light constructed with a die-cast frame with a textured powder coated anthracite finish and has a tempered glass enclosure with an E27 lampholder allowing for the installation of LED filament lamps. This feature allows for smart lamps, such as the OCTO WiZ or OCTO Casamabi lamps, to be installed, to provide the homeowners the ability to control their lighting directly from their phone.  

The Orno lantern is a modern portable lantern ideally suited for residential applications and has an anodised powder coated die-cast frame with a polycarbonate enclosure for added durability. With a rechargeable battery (USB2.0) and a 5Watt LED light source, this lantern requires no installation or maintenance on the part of the end-user and provides around 6 hours of battery life before recharging, making it an ideal flexible solution for any garden. 

Both the Calore and Orno lanterns provided the optimum lighting solution. The homeowners were able to level up their garden with the addition of these two wonderful lanterns that blends form and function masterfully.  

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