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We are a leading manufacturer of quality internal and external lighting products for commercial, industrial and retail applications.

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TDC Glass Company Manufacturing Facility

Manufacturing facility gets lighting upgrade

TDC Glass Company, based in Romania, are experts when it comes the production of glass with over 23 years of experience.

Offering a wide array of products, TDC pride themselves on premium services, reliability, and professionalism.

This ethos is instilled throughout the entire company. Nothing short of perfection is accepted at TDC’s manufacturing facility. This meant the older sodium-vapor lighting fixtures were redundant and a lighting upgrade was essential to further boost productivity and visibility.

Prior to the upgrade, the lux levels in the production zone were reaching 40-50 lux (lux is a standardised unit of measurement of light level intensity). This didn’t meet the Romanian standard of 250 lux for a production area and 150 lux for storage areas.

Planning commenced on the lighting overhaul and after careful examination of the entire facility, it was deemed appropriate to source two different products that could meet the lighting requirements for each zone.

Our Z LED Performance and Tornado Pro were identified as the perfect LED solutions for the TDC Glass manufacturing facility. Below is a breakdown of the zones and where each product was installed:

–            Windows production zone (AZPELED)

–           Glass storage area (AZPELED)

–           Window assembly and testing area (ATORPLED)

–           Glass cutting area (AZPELED)

–           Windows storage area (ATORPLED)

Looking more closely at the Z LED Performance, the die-cast powder coated construction and heatsink for optimum thermals and performance make it the perfect solution for providing illumination to the production zones. Coming in 100W, 150W and 200W, a long with a five-year warranty and an array of options such as Emergency, Integral Microwave Sensor and OCTO Smart Control, Z LED Performance is the ultimate low/high bay.

Bolstering the Z LED Performance’s industrial credentials are the high specification IP65 and IK08 ratings and to further improve the installation experience, the robust high bay has alternative installation options by means of drop rods, jack chain and catenary wire. Bracket accessories are also available for ceiling or wall mounting.

This provided the electrical contractors several potential options of installation at the TDC Glass manufacturing facility. Additionally, it comes pre-wired with 3M of H07RN-F cable for added ease and speed of installation.

Most importantly, Z LED Performance now allowed TDC to achieve the required lux levels in those specific zones.

The Tornado Pro provided the illumination for the assembly and testing area as well as the windows storage area. Tornado Pro comes with a hugely impressive seven-year warranty, multiple wattages, and options such as Self-Test Emergency, Digital Dimming, Dali Emergency, Integral Microwave Sensor, and OCTO Smart Control, allowing you to select the Tornado Pro most suited to the project requirements.

With all our Pro products, we design them with the installer at the core of our thinking. That’s why Tornado Pro comes with installer friendly imbedded features that aid accurate and fast installation for any application. Features such as quick release LED array/gear tray assembly provide the installer the means to faster installation/maintenance and fast latching/permanently located stainless steel side clips ensure a quick and secure connection.

Powered by a Tridonic LED driver and boasting an LED lifespan L80 B10 54,000 hours, Tornado Pro ticked all the boxes for what TDC required.

The most important factors in this lighting upgrade were to ensure TDC met the lighting regulations for each zone, increased visibility and ensuring the products installed were reliable. Z LED Performance and Tornado Pro met all these requirements and even exceeded expectations.

The lighting upgrade at TDC Glass Company’s manufacturing facility resolved several crucial issues. Before the upgrade, the lux levels in various production and storage zones were inadequate, impacting productivity and visibility. By installing Z LED Performance in production zones and Tornado Pro in assembly and testing areas and storage zones, TDC Glass Company successfully improved visibility and ensured compliance with lighting regulations. Furthermore, the new LED solutions not only provided the necessary illumination but also offered enhanced reliability, energy efficiency, and reduced consumption by 60%. This resolution resulted in a greener, more efficient, and well-illuminated manufacturing facility, ultimately boosting productivity and operational effectiveness for TDC Glass Company.

TDC now enjoy better lighting and reduced consumption by 60%. Making the facility greener, more efficient, and more illuminated.

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  • TDC-Glass-Company-Manufacturing-Facility-4X5A5016
  • TDC-Glass-Company-Manufacturing-Facility-4X5A5019
  • TDC-Glass-Company-Manufacturing-Facility-4X5A5031

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