We are a leading manufacturer of quality internal and external lighting products for commercial, industrial and retail applications.

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At Ansell Lighting we design and manufacture an extensive range of luminaires for a diverse number of applications. Whatever the shape, purpose or style of your space, we have a lighting solution.

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We are a leading manufacturer of quality internal and external lighting products for commercial, industrial and retail applications.

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OCTO delivers the complete smart lighting package to transform the efficiency and ambience of commercial and residential spaces.

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Threeways Garage


Threeways Garage Abergele has been established since 1979, repairing, servicing customers cars. As word spread about the high standards the company gave and those customers were getting value for their money the decision was made to start selling quality used cars.

From that day to this they carry those same standards which has made Threeways the company they are today, who are continually striving to improve the customer facility and service, with the latest being a Deli which is situated within their Petrol Station. Threeways Garage is on a 3-acre site within easy reach of the town and expressway; located on junction 24 of the A55.

Threeways sell a variety of cars from popular automotive brands such as Fiat, Hyundai, and Suzuki. Their high standards for customer service meant they had to create the right conditions for their employees to excel in as well as offer up a wonderful retail experience for their customers.

That all started with the lighting. Its importance in any retail environment cannot be understated. Setting the right tone and presenting the cars in the best way possible is all achievable with the right illumination.

To get this crucial element right, the company chose Ansell Lighting to provide lighting for one of its showrooms and in doing so, selected the Unity 150 DHP Downlight in a white finish with a 41Watt cool white LED light source for illumination. This compact high-performance architectural downlight features a die-cast aluminium construction, which is powder coated and offered with a remote mounted driver with plug and play connection. Both digital dimmable and self-test and DALI emergency options are also available within the range.

With an impressive 41W performance, exceeding that of a 100W HQI Metal Halide together with a mirror finished anodized reflector and the reliability of a fixture which is supported by an LED lifespan L7050,000 hours. Offered with a 30° cut-off angle and anti-glare design allows the downlight to create optimum visual comfort, making the Unity DHP 150 an ideal solution for this type of large retail application.

Another notable and popular feature of the downlight in other applications is that of it being available in an OCTO Smart version, allowing for all the benefits of being operated and controlled through the OCTO, easy to use, wireless controllable lighting system with its intuitive operation and set-up via a smart device. These features can provide control of the installation allowing for the staff to adjust the lighting level when required at differing times during the day as well as taking allowance of the external conditions.



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