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We are a leading manufacturer of quality internal and external lighting products for commercial, industrial and retail applications.

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The benefits of installing highbay fittings

A closer look at the benefits of highbays within industrial and other settings.
Valiants Farm 005

In introducing the Ansell ZLED ECO Highbay, this fitting offers the more economical solution, and one which has been added to the existing and well received, ZLED family of highbay luminaires.

When looking to offer a lighting solution for a particular application, the specification of the luminaire being proposed is a major consideration, and to that end, a number of questions need to be asked of the client as to what would provide the optimum high-level lighting solution for their building.

Before considering the lighting option, it might be worthy of providing some clarification of the highbay fitting as an ideal solution for the many working environments, such as warehouses, factories and DIY sheds as well as for use in some sports halls, and even for a range of semi-exterior environments, such as under a loading bay canopy. A highbay installation is normally carried out within buildings where the available mounting height for the fitting is as the name suggests at a ‘high’ level, which is usually considered to be at an approximate height of 6-8 metres or greater.

With regard to the LED Highbay installation, there is generally two different scenarios, firstly, for an existing building, where the lighting is as a replacement for the current high-level fluorescent or High Intensity Discharge (HID) lighting, either as a point for point replacement or a re-configuration of lighting arrangement within the building. Secondly, for that of a new build construction, where a specification is in place, providing the requirement to achieve an appropriate level of illuminance within the space, when installed either across the open plan area or for a warehouse with fixed racking, or alternatively, a combination of both.

In looking to a possible solution, what are the benefits attributed to installing the LED Highbay, rather than an alternative lighting scenario?

Well, firstly, the highbay fitting is manufactured to a robust and durable construction, as well as being appropriately sealed to prevent the ingress of dust and water gaining access into the fitting and also manufactured with an appropriate level of impact resistance, which therefore makes it, ideally suited to a warehouse or factory environment, even for those buildings which are particularly dirty or even damp. Secondly, as the fitting is installed from a single point suspension (and supplementary cable to prevent the fitting falling to floor level in the event of the suspension failing) means that there is no requirement to horizontally level the fitting as required with a twin suspension fitting, thereby making it easier for the electrical contractor to undertake the installation. Thirdly, in being LED, there is not the same heat issues attributed as with the likes of the larger HID lamps when working within a confined fitting, such as with a Sodium or Metal Halide highbay. Fourthly, the LED Highbay is a very energy efficient fitting offering a similar performance to a larger HID light source fitting, but with a significantly reduced energy usage. Lastly for this paragraph, the highbay also provides an extended operating life, whilst also only requiring minimal maintenance over the economic life of the fitting.

The design of the LED Highbay is so constructed so as to be installed and operate at higher mounting heights where the light distribution pattern is by a high intensity controlled beam pattern providing the illumination across a large expanse of floor area, allowing for the designer to achieve an appropriate level of illuminance when measured at the height of the working plane, which is normally between FFL and around 1 metre above FFL. The LED fitting has also the benefit of full and instant illumination upon switch-on, unlike the previous HID technology, which required a warm-up period, with it usually being longer than the time required to make a brew. Finally, the LED fitting offers a quality white light source (no sodium colour here) and provides for an acceptable level of colour rendering properties, thereby allowing the persons, the opportunity to determine the product requiring selection and the opportunity of colour identification within the space.

One major advantage of the LED solution for a highbay, is that the LED light source can be made dimmable and it can also be manufactured so as to offer an emergency facility, something not previously available to the previous HID range of technologies.

With regard to the operation of fork-lift trucks within the warehouse or factory, the small area of intense light can occasionally cause issues with fork-lift truck drivers when looking upwards, however on the flip side, a smaller area of light means it may be easier to see the products located on the upper racks, allowing easier selection. It should be considered that the LED Highbay tends to be smaller in dimensions than the older technology highbay fitting, offering a smaller target with less likelihood of being hit by the fork-lift truck.

In getting back to the topic of this editorial, the Ansell Lighting ZLED ECO fitting, and in doing so, this fitting answers all the points previously discussed, other than being dimmable and offering an emergency facility, the ZLED ECO can be seen as an ideal fitting to offer as the direct replacement for the existing HID fitting and as both High Pressure Sodium and Metal Halide were not dimmable, nor as an emergency option, so really nothing changes here.

Available in two colour options, 4000K and 6500K, an operating life for the fitting of L70 to 50,000 hours and with a robust construction, an ingress protection to IP65 and an impact protection to IK06, makes this fitting an ideal solution for those warehouse and factory projects. Being lightweight for ease of handling and installation, either by means of drop rods, jack chain or catenary wire, and provided with 1metre of HO5RN-F rubber insulated cable, this will make the fitting a winner with electrical contractors.

In concluding, the ZLED ECO fitting from Ansell Lighting, is an ideal fitting for lighting installations where there is the requirement to replace the older technology of Sodium or Metal Halide, as it provides the same non-dimmable mains only solution, whilst incorporating the benefit of LED with its greater energy efficiency, longer operating life and its white light source. The additional benefit of lower cost can be seen as the ‘icing on the cake’ in providing the lighting installation at a competitive cost to the client.

That must be considered as a win/win solution for the electrical wholesaler and for the installing electrical contractor, as well as for the client, who gets the quality lighting solution using the benefits of LED, and within appropriate budget constraints.

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