We are a leading manufacturer of quality internal and external lighting products for commercial, industrial and retail applications.

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At Ansell Lighting we design and manufacture an extensive range of luminaires for a diverse number of applications. Whatever the shape, purpose or style of your space, we have a lighting solution.

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We are a leading manufacturer of quality internal and external lighting products for commercial, industrial and retail applications.

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Ansell Office Refurbishment – Golborne

Refurbishment and installation of smart lighting at our Warrington office.


For any lighting manufacturer, no matter what lighting product being made, it is important for those products to be shown in actual applications, so as to offer contractors, specifiers and clients with an insight into how the lighting equipment can be specified within any commercial installation being proposed. To that end, Ansell Lighting have taken several fittings from the extensive portfolio, ideally suited to general commercial applications and installed them throughout the corporate offices, allowing visitors a true visual interpretation of the equipment in use and how the light produced creates the optimum working environment in respect of performance and energy efficiency, as well as being aesthetically pleasing for the user.


Offices And Working Areas

The Brooklyn is an LED Bi-Directional Panel supplied in a nominal size of 1200x300mm and only 22mm in depth making an ideal solution for commercial offices, especially over desks as seen in the images shown above. This high performance bi-directional suspended LED panel is supplied with an Integral LED Driver and suspension Kit, allowing a potential 1200mm suspension drop, which provides flexibility and a unique aesthetically pleasing design. With a white anodised aluminium frame and an opal diffuser above and below, this fitting is offered as 1-10Volt Analogue Dimmable as standard. Supplied in cool white, 4000K, and having a total installed power consumption of 34.5Watts, delivering 4113 Lumens, with an efficacy of 119 Luminaire Lumens per Watt together with a CRI of 80, the Brooklyn offers excellent performance.



The Spektrum CCT panel frame was installed around the edge of the desk areas within the office space and is an ideal solution for commercial and architectural applications, with a nominal size of 600×600. With a hollow illuminated frame, it allows for the installation of the standard ceiling panel to sit inside the frame, and flush with the ceiling grid, giving a modern look and finish.

Supplied with an integral LED Driver and having an integral switch, it allows the installer the opportunity to select a choice of warm white 3000K, cool white 4000K and daylight 6500K colour temperature options, giving it flexibility to suit most applications. It has an installed power consumption of 28 Watts and delivers 2877 Lumens in 3000K, 2995 lumens in 4000K and 3000 Lumens in 6500K, together with a CRI of 80.

It is available with a range of added options, standard, self-test and DALI emergency, both analogue and digital dimmable options as well as OCTO smart control which allows office users to control the fitting directly from their smartphone.

The OCTO option was chosen as we wanted those working within that space to have complete control over the lighting to suit their needs and preferences. Those working in the space can adjust the colour temperature, the brightness as well as setting on-off timers when the office isn’t in use. Those in the office simply download the app and can easily adjust the Spektrum to what they need.

The Sidu LED Pendant offers an alternative solution to LED panels for illuminating office areas and for use above desks. This bi-directional, slim profile pendant fitting is constructed from aluminium and fitted with a polycarbonate diffuser and is suspended over desks within the Ansell office. It is supplied with an integral LED Driver and the suspension kit is flexible to allow up to 1500mm adjustable suspension.

The Sidu is suitable for both individual mounting, as shown above, or for continuous suspension, with the link bracket being included with the fitting, making it perfect for use in meeting rooms and larger desk areas to provide a continuous illumination. It is supplied in a choice of two sizes 1200mm and 1500mm in cool white colour temperature. Having a bi-directional light output, which is split equally up and down, and a black polycarbonate micro reflector design, ensures the fitting to achieve a Unified Glare rating (UGR) of less than 6.

This low glare design is ideal for office areas, as well as being suitable for educational buildings, as the low glare design makes it suitable for those working under the fittings for longer periods as well as reducing glare and reflection.


The Unity 80 LED Downlight is a compact high performance architectural downlight which is supplied with a remote LED Driver with plug and play connection. Manufactured from Die-Cast aluminium construction, which has been powder coated and with a Mirror finished anodized reflector, this fitting has an IP44 rating as standard. Having an anti- glare design to create maximum visual comfort and a Beam Angle of 50° and offered in a 15Watt version with a light output of 1161 Lumens in Cool White 4000K and 1080 Lumens in Warm White 3000K, as well as a CRI of 90. Available in switched and both analogue and digital dimmable options together with both emergency and self-test emergency variants together with a version with an OCTO smart control facility. With an LED lifespan to L70 of 50,000 hours alongside a 5-year warranty, means this fitting will continue to operate effectively for many years to come.

The selected track mounted fittings are the Ansell Three Circuit Unity 1 compact LED Track Spotlights and were installed along the length of the awards corridor. Available in both black and white, it is supplied with an integral driver, meaning that the fitting can be directly inserted into the mains voltage track system, having rotated the three-circuit functionality fixing to provide power through the appropriate circuit within the track.

It is available in both cool white and warm white colour temperatures, providing flexibility for the application and with a 355° rotation with 0-180° inclination tilt on the bracket allows for maximum flexibility in the positioning of illumination exactly where required, and with beam angle of 19° allowing for the optimum illuminating beam control. Fitted with a mirror finish anodized reflector to provide outstanding performance, together with an anti-glare design to maximise visual comfort.

The Unity 80 LED Downlight is a compact high performance architectural downlight and is part of the Unity downlight range. With fixed, gimbal, wall wash, and retractable fittings available in the range, the Unity was chosen as it provides flexibility with different styles of product from the range can be installed throughout the premises, whilst maintaining consistency.

The Unity 80 downlight was installed in the corridor areas around the office and walkways and is manufactured from Die-Cast aluminium construction, which has been powder coated and with a mirror finished anodized reflector and has an IP44 rating as standard.

With an anti-glare design it creates maximum visual comfort for those within that space. Installed along the awards corridor within the Ansell offices, the anti-glare design is ideal when illuminating glass awards and provides a better experience for those within that space. It has a beam angle of 50° and is available in a choice of cool white 4000K and warm white 3000K, as well as having a range of optional extras available. Self-test, DALI and standard emergency, as well as OCTO smart control and digital dimming are all available to be specified on this product.

Within the reception area, the Ruby pendant has been installed above the coffee table area providing a concentration of light and focal point. This slim and modern LED pendant with a die-cast housing, is available in either white or black paint finish options. The pendant is ideally suited for a range of installations, such as for use in a hotel or restaurant environment as well as for many commercial applications, such as offices.

Emergency Lighting

Throughout the building, the emergency lighting was upgraded in line with the refurbishment and the Merlin LED Emergency Downlight and the Eagle Exit Sign were both chosen.

The Merlin Emergency Downlight was installed in the main working areas and along the corridors of the Ansell offices with the Eagle Exit Sign installed at the exit points around the site. The Merlin is an ultra-low profile recessed downlight, with self-test emergency as standard. It is available in both an escape route or open area variants and is manufactured with a high specification optic design and performance, allowing increased spacing, thereby providing a reduced cost of installation and having a spacing distance of up to 17.8 metres between luminaires.

The Eagle 3-in-1, located at the exit points around the building is a fitting which offers installers the choice of three mounting options, suspension, with 1m of suspension cable included as standard, recessed or side arm wall mounting. It has given Ansell the ability to consistently install the same fitting in the premises, with the adaptability for the room and ceiling requirements.

Both the Merlin and Eagle emergency fittings utilise Lithium battery technology, which allows for a lower parasitic load and reduced power consumption, therefore has reduced energy costs. Ansell’s lithium emergency products use pulse charging instead of trickle charging, which has less strain on components and the electronics within the fitting last longer.

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